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Rick Bass

Old Major – Old Major is based on a combination of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. He is one of the pigs, an older boar. He calls the animals together to discuss what he perceives as the inequities of how animals are treated under the farm system. He teaches the animals the song “Beasts of England” and inspires the Rebellion with his vision of a utopian society, which is based on Socialist principles. Old Major dies, thus leaving Napoleon and Snowball to vie for control of Animal Farm after his death.

Napoleon – Based on Joseph Stalin, Napoleon is one of the two pigs that compete for leadership of Animal Farm after the death of Old Major. He is a persuasive speaker, and this power helps him becomes the leader of Animal Farm after the Rebellion. However, his persuasion is not always successful, and Napoleon resorts to force and intimidation to keep the other animals subservient to him. Napoleon is different from the other pigs in a number of ways. He is a Berkshire boar, which means he is a different breed than the other pigs. Napoleon is very jealous of anyone else exercising power or authority on Animal Farm.

Snowball – Based on Leon Trotsky, Snowball is Napoleon’s rival for leadership of the Animal Farm after the Rebellion. Snowball does not gain leadership, despite his ability to engage in persuasive speech and his clear reasoning and vision for the future of Animal Farm. Snowball is eventually expelled from Animal Farm and becomes a scapegoat used by Napoleon whenever there are any failures at the far

Boxer – Boxer is a male cart horse who works hard for Animal Farm after the Rebellion. Boxer is good friends with Benjamin, the donkey, though the two hardly have any conversations. He is loyal to Napoleon, who takes advantage of Boxer’s combination of great strength and low intelligence.

Squealer – Squealer is in charge of distributing Napoleon’s propaganda to Animal Farm. Napoleon uses Squealer to explain away inconsistencies between the Seven Commandments, which are supposed to be the guiding principles for Animal Farm, and Napoleon’s own behavior.

Clover – Clover is a female cart horse who is a good friend to Boxer but is suspicious of the pigs. She acts as a mother figure for many of the animals at the Animal Farm and provides comfort and solace to them.

Moses – Moses is a domesticated raven who serves as a symbol of religion for Animal Farm. He tells the animals stories about Sugarcandy Mountain.

Mollie – Mollie was a member of the Animal Farm bourgeoisie. She was Mr. Jones’s carriage horse prior to the Rebellion and misses the perks that came with that position after the Rebellion. As a result, she leaves the Animal Farm to go work for the owner of a pub.

Benjamin – Benjamin is a surly and suspicious donkey. Although not happy with life on the farm prior to the Rebellion, Benjamin is unenthusiastic about the Rebellion. Benjamin has insightful criticism of how Animal Farm is run after the Rebellion, but will not challenge the pigs. While generally unfriendly, Benjamin has great loyalty to Boxer.

Muriel – Muriel is a goat. Like Squealer, she serves in the role of propagandist; she reads the Seven Commandments to the animals.

Mr. Jones – Mr. Jones is based on Tsar Nicholas II and is the farmer who runs the farm (which is known as Manor Farm) prior to the Rebellion. Mr. Jones drinks heavily and does not treat the animals well. After the Rebellion, the animals drive Mr. Jones from the farm.

Mr. Frederick – Mr. Frederick is based on Adolf Hitler. He operates Pinchfield, a neighboring farm. Mr. Frederick and Mr. Pilkington are enemies.

Mr. PilkingtonMr. Pilkington represents capitalist nations—specifically England and the United States, who were considered both allies and enemies to the Soviet Union in the time period immediately following the Revolution. He runs Foxwood, a neighboring farm. Mr. Pilkington and Mr. Frederick are enemies.

Mr. WhymperA human hired by Napoleon to represent Animal Farm in human society.

Jessie and Bluebell – Two female dogs that give birth to puppies near the beginning of the novel. Napoleon takes their puppies away to give them an education, but ends up using them as his guard dogs.

Minumus Propagandist for Animal Farm, he writes songs and poetry for Napoleon.

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