Airlines business case

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EasyJet Vs Singapopre Airlines

|Value Proposition |
|EasyJet success is due to astrong Value proposition which can |Singapore Airlines is a full-service premium network passenger |
|be resumed by only one word ⋄ EASY |airline, world-renowned forits dedication to product innovation |
| |and service excellence |

|Short, clear and usually « surprising » communication flow |Communication basedmore on a 5* hotel model in order to emphases|
|which guide consumers always to, as the brand do. |the high service level |
|[pic]|[pic] |

|Simple pricing, all-in, hence easy to know at the first look |Premium Price for Premium services |
|how muchcosts your flight. At the earliest you book it, the | |
|less you will pay. ||

|Distribution Channel |
|Onceagain, simplicity and clarity makes it easy. In 2005, 90% | |
|of overall sales was done by internet. The remaining sales was |...