Carrefour group management and foundation

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Carrefour group management:
On January 14th,2010, a new organisation of the Group’s management was announced

Under the authority of the Chief executive, Carrefour’s management is now organisedas follows: - An executive board : together with the CEO, elaborates the Group’s strategy, operational goals and yearly plan and oversees execution.
- An Executive Committee: contributes to thedefinition and implementation of the strategic and operational plan and ensures the roll out of projects. The Executive Committee guarantees the teams’ alignment and the dissemination of management andleadership principles.
The executive Committee brings together, in addition to the members of the Executive Board, the managers of the following key Business Units and functions.
Lars Olofsson declared“ The changes in our management organisation are a very positive sign for the Group. I am delighted with the arrival of new talents within the newly created Executive Board, as well as with the internalpromotions of key managers to strengthen the Executive Committee. In 2010, this reinforcement team will allow us to stay our strategic course and ensure excellence in execution of our transformationplan”.
This organisation has been effective since February 1st.

The Carrefour Foundation
The Carrefour group has always been heavily involved in promoting social solidarity. The CarrefourInternational Foundation concentrates its action around three missions, linked to the Group’s areas of expertise: Food Programme, Professional Integration and Solidarity.
A better quality of life for all:In 2000, the Carrefour group set up an International Foundation so that it could provide an adapted response to problems arising in the countries where the Carrefour Group is present, by supportingnon-profit associations carrying out concrete actions on the ground. The Foundation is thus able to act legitimately and effectively, using the skills of local teams.
(A major international...