Commentaire victime impact statements

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Article 35: “VictimImpact Statements »

1)What newspaper is this article taken from? Find out two or three important facts about this newspaper. (50 words approx)

The article is taken from The New York Times. Thisnewspaper is a daily distributed internationally and one of the most famous. This is a reference for U.S. Democrats. It’s always written, in the upper left, the quotation « All the news that's fit toprint ».

2) Identify the following points in the article:

a. The country, city, region, state, etc.

In this article, the country is USA and the state is the New Jersey. But it’s quoted too,in special cases, the County of Essex and Hamilton Township.

b. Any political or popular figure involved any member of the judiciary, legal profession or police force mentioned.

Two politiciansare mentioned: the ex-president, Bill Clinton and Bob Doll. In the composition of the Supreme Court, the Chief Justice is mentioned, Robert N. Wilentz and three of seven judges, Alan B. Handler, GaryS. Stein and Daniel J. O’Hern. Donald S. Coburn, judge for a specific case, is cited.

c. Any political or legal institutions mentioned.

The legal institution mentioned is the Supreme Court.d. Any piece of legislation or section of a constitution mentioned.

There’s no legislation mentioned, except the possibility of future texts like victim’s right amendment in the Constitution or lawsto which sex offenders are released to live.

3) If this article talks about a legal dispute, identify

I. the parties to the dispute

A dispute exists between the closes of victims and judges.The judges believe that victims consider change the legal system. The judges aren’t decided to recognize their role. The closes want to recognize their rights as survivors of the victim and to give...