Democratie et ethics

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Democracy and Ethics

In first it seems necessary to define these two concepts of democracy and ethic. The term democracy comes from the Greek demos meaning people and Kratos the power authority.Democracy is the political system, in which power is owned and controlled by the people ( it is the principle of sovereignty) without which there is any distinction from to the birth wealth skill ( itis the principle of equality). Ethics comes from the Greek Ethicos, moral and Ethos, moeurs.Ethique it is the study of morality. One might ask if a democratic society in which power is held by thepeople, is necessarily ethical. We try to answer this question through the two great conceptions of morality, objectivist vision of one hand and the vision of relativistic in other hand.MORALITY objectivist consider the moral laws, like the freedom ,equality ,justice, does not depend on the man but the laws of nature, divine command, or the laws of reason. They are universal, eternal,absolute, normative. They can be neither changed nor deleted .Thus, when the one remembering the past, we see that some democracy was not at all ethics. Hitler, democratically elected, has lead anpolicy morally abhorrent. More recement, this is the policy of the state of Israel, who exterminate the Palestinian people show to every body that an democracy can do not be ethical . Moreover, thedemocratic system goes against the al egalite.En Indeed, Alexis de Tocqueville in his book, Democracy in America, shows that there is, in the democracy, an tyranny of the majority. While themajority group exerts its political detriment of the minority group

If morality is defined by relativistic theory is to say according to social, religious values , unique to each nation, while ademocracy can be ethical. According to Claude Levy Strauss in his book, Structural Anthrpologie in 1973, each ethnic group, even primary, has a value that determines his morality. By consequently, every...