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First Paragraph

• Explain who you are and why you are writing
• If you are responding to an advert state when and where you saw it
• Quote thereference number if one has been provided
• Mention if you have had any previous contact with the company
• Confirm that your CV is enclosed

Second Paragraph• Briefly explain your job and qualifications
• Highlight skills that are appropriate for the job and the company
• Relevant work experience
• Refer toyour CV, e.g. "As you will see from my enclosed CV…" this will entice them to read on and pay more close attention to your CV
• This is your opportunity to expandon information provided in your CV, but be careful not to oversell yourself or make too much of things that aren't mentioned in your CV at all.
Third Paragraph
•Give details of your interest in the company and why you want to join them
• Include some facts about the company to prove your knowledge and research, e.g. "Asthe largest supplier of tar in the Midlands…"
• Mention anything that has contributed to your interest in them, e.g. presentations, job fairs, contact withrepresentatives through previous employment
Fourth Paragraph
• Request an opportunity for an interview
• State how you will follow up this application: either waitfor their response or if appropriate say that you will telephone in a few days to discuss the matter further Remember, if you say that you are going to call - DO
•End politely and without a fuss
• Sign the letter with your name clearly repeated under your signature
• Remember to include your contact details in the letter