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Result and conclusion of the opinion polls
For the question: how many gifts did you receive for Christmas?
We can see that 42 percent of the persons had more than 3 presents for Christmas. Inspite of the crisis people still have the means to buy presents for themselves or to offer them.
For the question: do you prefer to have money or gifts for Christmas?
We can see that the majorityof the persons questioned prefer presents (56 percent) to the money (44 percent).Christmas thus remains an event when we offer presents more than we give money.
For the question: in your opinionwhat is the gift’s trend of the year 2009?
We can notice that the trendy present of the year 2009 is a technological device (mobile phone, IPod, I phone, flat screen ….): 52 percent. Then we findvideo games (38 percent) and books (only 10 percent).
For the question: in your opinion what is the ideal present for your family?
According to the polls the ideal present for the family is a DVD(16 percent), a book (16 percent), a mobile phone (20 percent) and clothes (18 percent).
For the question: have you ever sold back your present on the internet?
Only 20 percent have already soldback their present on the internet.
For the question: do you prefer the Playstation 3 or the Nintendo WII?
We can say that between these 2 consoles it is Nintendo WII which is the big winner infront of Playstation 3.
For the question: for a girlfriend or a boyfriend how much money are you ready to spend?
The polls indicate that for a girlfriend or a boyfriend the sum spent on apresent is about 50 Euros. We can say the love has a price.
For the question: for you Christmas is a commercial celebration?
For 56 percent Christmas is a business affair against 29 percent whoassert it is a family tradition.
For the question: in your opinion was the gift tradition create?
According to the poll 45 percent of the people knew that the tradition of the Christmas presents...