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Consumer Policy & Ethics

Economic growth and highconsumption societies: costs and benefits –
Tutorial 3

1. Identify what you believe to be the five richest countries in the world and the five poorest. What in your opinion has led these countries towhere they are today?

For me, the five richest countries in the world are:
- Norway
- Switzerland
- United Kingdom
- Germany

I think these countries are richbecause of their position upon the economic and social world (some of them are part of the G8). They are civilized and capitalist countries, which benefit from stables governments (which attracts investorsas the banking system is very stable), and have a lot of natural resources like oil, gas, petrol.
These countries represent the main countries for the market trading in the world, and they alsobenefit from tourism which is very important.

The five poorest countries for me in the world are :
- Somalia
- Ethiopia
- Guinea
- Republic of Congo
- Malawi

These countriessuffer from civil wars, unstable governments, starvation, lack of education, corruption... It’s very difficult to have a wealthy worldwide economy in these conditions.

2. Outline the linkbetween ethics and consumer policy?
I think ethics and consumer policy are linked because when the consumer buys something, he thinks about whether it’s morally good or not. Ethics gives to the customer...