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« Cas Virgin »

Corporate rationale of Virgin as a group of companies
  Establish the brand as a global name •  With the aim of shaking up « institutionalised » markets •  Be seen as a familyrather than a hierarchical company   The company goes into industries they know nothing about and “immerse themselves”. •  In cases of joints venture   Provide the brand and partners the capitals•  Threat of negative perception of the brand as a whole if a customer unsatisfied with a product   Brand research indicates that people who had a bad experience with a particular Virgin company will bewilling to use other Virgin products or services

Presence of a dominant logic in the strategies of Virgin businesses?
  Appearance

of no unity concerning different companies part of thegroup •  Virgin= 63 business for instance:

•  But the unity around the brand is seen by customers as : « fun » « innovative » « daring » and « successful »   The ultimate goal of Virgin is thus to:•  « establish the brand as a major global name »   Moreover Virgin is seeking of opportunities in « institutionalised markets »

 is therole of Richard Branson in the Virgin Group strategy
  The image of Virgin Branson conveys a good image of Virgin thanks to his personality .That is what, Virgin looks like a fun , innovative ,daring and successful company . He manages to enhance the brand image of the company by joining his personal values in the business strategy (efforts to become more and more « green »)   Theconsequences in the business strategy •  Virgin is not afraid to jump on opportunities which are global in scope •  It has an expectation of reasonable return on investment •  There is an strategy of expansion•  The importance of the unit in the company's behavior •  better relations with its competitors (ex : partnership with the cable company NTL) To conclude Branson has a significant role to...
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