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The Netherlands
Identity and cultural of Holland

Highway flowers
Holland is famous for its flowers and particularly for its bulb flowers. The best months to see the millions ofcolourful tulips is from the end of March until the second  week of May the flowers in the bulb fields bloom. It goes without saying that the exact period depends on the weather. Saxion universitymaking a flower. Holland is a country side very green.
Some 1000 windmills remain, scattered through the 12 provinces. However, the most concentration of mills is located in fewcities in Holland like Schiedam, Heusden,…
Both types of mills characterized the Holland’s country: the windmills and watermills. Although the number of mills fas declined sharply, themill remains an iconic image of Holland.


Gooda is traditionally a market town. The best-known product, sold in this town south of the country, is the Gouda cheese. It owes its namebecause it is brought to market in Gouda.


Whether in spring, through fields of colorful flowers, or summer, to discover the most beautiful sites, the bike is the best way totour Holland.
Is is primarily a means of transportation to get to work, school or shopping, in short, is a way of life.
It goes without saying that the bike is also very popular forrecreation.
Thus, what this flat country of Holland, is completely organized according to the cyclist.


The Wilhelmus is the official Dutch national anthem since 1932.
Thisacrostic dedicated to William of Orange is composed of fifteen eight days, which is usually sung the first and sixth in the official ceremonies. In the first, the Prince of Orange said hisunwavering loyalty to his country, and in the sixth, he prays to God to give him the strength to hunt tyranny. These two verses have always particularly moved the Dutch people in times of oppression.