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My name is Bradley, I am a 14 year-old boy and I weigh 93 kilos, in my sparetime I do a lot of sport to try to lose weight because people say that I am too fat but it is very difficult.My mum has done everything she could, she paid dietician, she bought me all I needed for my diets, she wishes she could make me lose weight but she can't, nobody can. Since my childhood, Nobody hasever wanted to be my mate or hang around with me. People are always stopping on the physics. They never tried to get to know the person better because they are too fat, too small, because they areworking too much or because they are not fashionable and I am fed up with that I want to have a really good friends to share, play, laught or fight with.
And Eddy and all the school children never stopreminding me at every recreation and every lunch since I'm toddler. They are always criticizing me ,my weigh and my forms but they don't know that I haven't choosen to be like this. In fact, it reallyannoys me to always be the target of their teasing. I said it to my mum and to the teachers but Eddy in spite of a lot of warnings and punishments is still there to make fun of me with his friends.Eddy pick on me all the time and whenever he can he fool me by hitting me, pushing me, tearing all my lessons. As for me, I can't do anything against him. I wish I could make him understand one day andstop him but nobody is there to help me.
One day, I tried to fight against him so I started by tring to stick him on the floor but I failed because he was faster than me and he arrived to evade myattack than he fooled me, once again and the warst thing was that all the children were there to watch Eddy fooling the fat boy. When the teachers saw all the children gather around us so they came tosee what was happening. When they realized what happened, they directelly stopped Eddy and one of the teacher took me to the nusery to heal all my wounds. At the nusery nobody was there to got news...