Olympics games 2012

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The Olympic Games were created in Ancient Greece. In 1896, French historian Pierre de Coubertin created the International Olympic Committee, and since then, the Olympic Games have taken place every 4years, and have become an international event followed by viewers all over the world.
There are two kinds of Olympic Games : one in Summer and, since 1924, another one in Winter. The city ofLondon has hosted the Olympic Games twice, in 1908 and the other in 1944 which was postponed till 1948 because of WWII.
The battle for hosting the Olympic Games in 2012 was particularly tough. TheBritish media mostly show that British people are happy and proud, especially about the innovative aspects that the British Committee has pointed out like ecology or culture. But there was a hugecontroversy about this election and some of the British media actually believed that London didn’t deserve to win over Paris, for example.
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What do you think about London’s election for the next Olympic Games ?
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