Operation management case hogsmeadow garden center

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| 2009 |
| Opération Management

[Operation Management Assignment 1] |

Question 1: Identify some of the micro operations to be found at the Hogsmeadow Garden Centre and describe the main input resources, transformation process and outputs for each of them.
or the Hogsmeadow Garden we define micro operations like a department of the store. If we define HogsmeadowGarden like a macro operation, we could find each department like a micro operation. Sales, inventory, delivery, restaurant, customer service and advertising (for design studio). All that departments are micro operations of the store. For this reason we can conclude, in this store there is six different micro operations. Also that, we are looking for inputs, outputs and transformation process from theassignment text. For us we define inputs like every raw materials, informations, services, etc ... who entering in process of transformation by the company. After that the company transform all of inputs into outputs for create added value for customers. Outputs are all customers can have, but or see after the company transformation’s. More the company work on that transformation, more expensivewill be the price of outputs. We call that: The added value. We define inputs, outputs and transformation process in analyse our notes from the lecture of Operation Management.
Sector | Inputs | Transformation process | Outputs |
Restaurant | * Building (Seating area, cuisine , Family area) * Car Park * Equipment : Table , Tray , self line , kitchen, Chair, Cutlery * Food (pastry,cake, etc…) ,Hot food, drinks, lunch box * Energy: water and electricity * Staff (seven in the kitchen, one in front of the cash desk, one serving drink, one counter staff ,one serving hot food, one for the cleaning and one manager ) * Customers ( all kind of age ) * | * Taking order from the counter staff * Food preparation and cooking * Drink provision * Washing and cleaning table| * Satisfied customer. * Children keep busy in the family area. * Customers have what they want in preferred time. |
Sector | Inputs | Transformation process | Outputs |
Store | * Building (Department for product , Glasshouses) * Car Park * Products (Range of plants , range of goods) * Information * Equipment * Energy * Qualified Staff * Customers | * Storage *Maintenance equipment * Delivery / distribution * Packing * Sales * Customer service | * Satisfied customer with right product and right information * Distribution to customer on time to chosen destination

Question 2 : Why is Inventory Control such an issue? What could be done to improve Inventory control?
nventory is the storage of material resources. The inventory controlis supposed to minimize the total cost of inventory by aligning supply and demand. In Hogsmeadow garden the inventory control is a real issue, in fact they lost about twenty per cent of their total revenue for year. This is due to an excess of discount and loss but most of all because they don’t have an inventory planning and control. The inventory control is such an issue because of severalreasons.
First of all they have a wide range of products. Those products are from different quality (prices range from £25 to £3700 for plants) which means that they won’t be sold in the same quantity and maybe they will need special conditions of storage. Others have very different shelf life: the non-perishable products will be sold in quantity in a particular season but will have to be discountedfor the down seasons. And the limited shelf life product, if they are not sale in the beginning, will be lost or, Hogsmeadow garden will run out of stock.
Each kind of product should be ordered at a specific time, in specific quantity.
But the weather is a matter regarding the determination of demand because they can’t predict it.
But Hogsmeadow can improve this inventory control by planning...