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Itinerary & DetailsProject details:i-to-i volunteers will work with communities located in the suburbs of Posadas that were built within the past few years in response to growing populations in the suburbs. Volunteers will support the coaching programme in neighbourhood areas that coach soccer as well as other sports such as volleyball. The project aims to promote recreational games andhealthy competition between the children and to help them focus on games rather than alcohol and drugs.
Why the project needs volunteers:There are several reasons for the project seeking the assistance from volunteers: for example the advantage of learning different soccer techniques, and other sports, the cultural exchange and the positive advantage children will gain from spending time with nativeEnglish speakers. The combination of coaching sports with teaching young people English will make a positive impact on their lives and provide more opportunities in the future to them, such as going to university, getting jobs in tourism, business and commerce.
What kind of skills you need to go this project:Volunteers most of all for these projects must have a love of sports and be committed tothe project. You will need to be flexible and be willing to get involved in anything. You will need to be able to think on your feet so that you are able to tailor your coaching sessions to the different needs of the children if necessary. Spanish language is not a pre-requisite but a working knowledge would be a great advantage as most people do not speak English. The add-on Spanish lessons arerecommended they will help you to settle into your project.
Your role as a volunteer:This project aims to improve education and culture in children through sports. This project promotes competitions and recreational activities to encourage interaction between communities. Volunteers will assist coaches to arrange and conduct training sessions as well as ad hoc English lessons to the children.Volunteers will be working alongside children from disadvantaged backgrounds and build friendships over a common ground.
Where the project is based:The communities are all based in the suburbs of Posadas, a lively city which has a population 250,000. Posadas boasts interesting markets, friendly cafes, cinemas and museums, and there will be plenty to do on the weekends. The mystical Jesuit ruins of SanIgnacio Mini are 34 miles to the east of Posadas and are a must see while you are there. Volunteers should fly into the airport at Posadas (PSS) on the specific arrival date.

What exactly do i-to-i provide?It may seem like a strange concept to pay for your volunteer experience. You'd be right if you think you shouldn't and the truth is you actually don't! Your placement is free; it's thebenefits around it that you pay for. It's important to note that i-to-i is a travel company and not a charity. We provide a professional travel service. We are responsible for finding and assessing worthwhile projects across the world, preparing you fora the volunteering experience and supporting you whilst you're there.
Here’s some more information about what your placement fee covers….
Projectsourcing and assessmentWe work with hundreds of locally run partner projects around the world and are constantly sourcing new opportunities. We visit all projects to check that they are worthwhile and legitimate and we also conduct a thorough safety assessment before we'll send volunteers there. More
Expert help-deskAlmost everyone who works for i-to-i has traveled extensively or worked overseas.This means we're a goldmine of information; we're always available to offer support and guidance before, during and after your trip.
Thorough project briefing materialsOnce you book on to a project you'll receive a Welcome Pack that contains loads of general information about volunteering, about your chosen country and how to have fun and stay safe. We'll also give you advice on visas and...