Advertising campaign

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Advertising campaign is one of the marketing mix operations, more exactly, promotion of brands’ products or services. Its function consists in conveying messages that share an idea, a theme and thatare broadcast in various media. It’s a part of the integrated marketing communication (IMC).
The subject we are going to deal with is advertising campaign. We will explain that marketingcommunication strategy through 3 essential stages that will be illustrated by examples.

Businesses use advertising agencies’ services to create advertising campaigns in order to persuade consumers to buy theirproducts or services. Therefore, we observe that 3 stages are necessary to elaborate an advertising campaign.
So, the very first step to be considered in developing an advertising campaign isestablishing the communication strategy.
First, a company has to fix the objectives and remind communication’s role in an advertising campaign. Indeed, that’s a crucial to get across a good group’s image,appeal and common knowledge.
Then, it is very important to identify the target audience to understand them and what are their needs. Analyzing the mind of the audience is crucial to determine whatkind of advertisement could be related to a specific target. Generally, we distinguish the main target (directly concerned persons) and the secondary target established by the influences (influencers,opinion leaders).
For example, Axe targets young men. That’s why they try to look fashion, to satisfy the consumers.

Now, let’s move on to the second stage, the critical part of making a messageas it sets the tone for the individual advertisements and other forms of marketing communications that will be used. In that strategic business unit, corporation has to find a theme, an axis, an ideain order to motivate the main target. The structure of the message must be able to answer that question:
How can we organize arguments to inform, persuade and remind consumers efficiently?
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