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Herbal Essences, new uplifting volume:
The advertising goes inside an Herbal Essences 'Uplifting Volume' bottle into a new world where all ingredients grow freely. Space girls collect the freshingredients and mix them using their space ship to create the herbal essences new formula that gives a new uplifting volume.
In addition to this new eye-catching idea, the fantasy environment on thisdistant planet is rightly created with giant flower, fruits and flying space girls that look almost real. A stylish choice of fashionable outfits and fresh colors persuade the viewers to watch theadvertising
Furthermore, the commercial aimed to at the right target. It attracts the adolescent with a fresh idea of space ships and flying creatures to fulfill their desire for technology and sciencefiction. It is also interesting for adults since it’s new and exciting.
The producers also created a supernatural touch from a simple formula mad with fresh fruits! The new herbal essences gave thediscoverer’s bad simple hair a new magical volume that defies gravity!
We can also note how they gave the words a new paranormal meaning: uplifting volume = volume that lifted her from the ground to thesky!
Moreover, the sound effects are compatible with the whole concept (sounds of space ships…) and the introducer’s voice is emphatic and clear.
Finally the Commercial is short, simple but grabsthe observer’s attention!
Based on what we have mentioned, we can consider this advertising simply successful!!!

Coca Cola new commercial:
A new coca cola commercial appears on our local andinternational channels! The advertising presents a boy and girl in a library flirting with one another by drawing on their arms. The guy illustrates, in the end, a Coke bottle on his arm, while the girlcreates a glass filled with ice cubes and they, ahem, exchange fluids.
This idea may be considered cute but the producers missed a lot of important details!
First of all, the wooden library and the...
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