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The document under study is an extract from the english magazine Cosmopolitan. Indeed this is the page number 80 from the cosmopolitan of april 2009. This is an ad for RAMADA JARVIS which is a hotelchannel presented in the topic of cosmopolitan. At the top, there is the catch phrase which is highlighted in yellow : " Get away with the girls from £99 ( 2 people for 2 nights!) " Under is located awording indroducing the topic : " For an unforgettable short break of shopping, partying and pampering, check out this amazing deal...".Next to the wording there is photographs of three girlslaughing who are making shopping. There is a lot of colours and women on it seem to have a great time.. On the right, there is a picture of a beautiful indoors swimming pool. The place is empty and seemsvery calm. One can see blue water, wooden floor and deck chair.On the left, there is also a picture of three girls. Two are talking to each others and the one in the middle is looking at her feets,smiling.In the middle, there is a small picture of a white building. We can supposed this is an hotel.Beyond all the pictures there is another wording which explains the organisation proposed by cosmo of aperfect week-end. There are some words in red altough everything is written in black : "40 hotels across Britain" , " shopping", "spa", "breakfast", "three course meal", "health club", "extra-latebreakfast", "Nottingham", " Leeds North", 'bristol City", "Brighton" and the web site of the channel hotel.On the bottom right hand corner there is a red square with a white text. The titel, in capitalletters, is "TERMS AND CONDITIONS".Under the red square there are a wording wich is an an explanatory, the logo of the chanel hotel and the adress of cosmo website.The background is white, the coloursof the pictures are bright wich is striking, everyhting seems to be clear by the fact that the images have white frames and are squared.The target of this topic is obviously a young woman who wants...
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