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Strategic Marketing    APPLE 



Market segmentation

a) Geographic, demographic, psychographic Apple’s part of a market identifiable as having particular customers with specific buying characteristics: Region Population density Age Gender Generation Religion Social class Activities Interest Worldwide company Classified as urban Ipod:12 to 25 Iphone: 20 to Computer:20 40 to 35 Masculine and feminine 80s, 90s Every High Professional Society, upper class Student, Office worker Videogames, Internet, quality, software



The company seems to understand what will get people excited about its products, and then it executes on that vision. You don't see the company mainly talking about features or technology, but about how the computer will makeyour life better. Apple also has not been afraid of in-your-face campaigns. The company has run campaigns that have shown Intel-based laptops catching fire and getting flattened by steamrollers.

II. Defining target market
a) Differentiation

At its most basic level, competitive strategy is deeply rooting in being different from rivals. For years Apple used the phrase ‘'Think Different'’, amarketing slogan that not only shaped consumer perception but also represents the company's internal activities. Today, these internal activities remain aligned with that slogan despite Apple dropping it in 2002. The '’Think Different'’ mindset is firmly embedded in the company's culture and is clearly evident in Apple's approach to product and software design, integration, and ease of use. b)Mass

Nowadays a lot of apple’s products are designed for everybody. For example the Ipod Nano or Ipod Touch or any Walkman who’s coming from apple, are mass products, due to several reasons as: • The ease of utilisation • Reasonable price, not more expensive than other Walkman • Awesome design for most of the people But more specifically mass products which coming out from apple’s factory areusually for teenagers, students, adults. Of course people who are buying apple’s products are usually pretty rich or they are working as executives.

c) Niche What makes apple successful is their capacity to be well known with professional and with casual customers. Actually, apple is also present into the niches. Some of their personal computers are generally use into marketing departments or morespecifically for creation of Adverts. Most people who are working on Photoshop (one of the most famous software to retouch pictures) use Mac. As you can see Apple have three defined marketing targets, and this is one of the reasons why Apple is so popular. d) The company

Started by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple has expanded from computer maker to include consumerelectronics over the last 30 years, officially changing their name from Apple Computer, Inc. to Apple, Inc. in January 2007. Among the key offerings from Apple’s product line are: laptops (MacBook Pro, MacBook), Apple, software, Mac OS X, iPod, and the iPhone… We can see the sale’s evolution of Apple’s Macintosh sales (millions of units)

Accumulated sales of iPod and iPhone 

e) Industryoverview of apple: Apple is a computer company specialized in the production of personal computers and computer accessories. Apple has produced many different types of products and is primarily known for the advancement of multimedia personal computers. Most people involved with video, music, pictures, and sound use Apple computers for their projects because of the quality of the equipment thatApple uses. Many people view Apple as a runner-up in the computer industry (Silicon Valley) because of Microsoft's almost complete control on personal computers. Actually, Apple is not a runnerup company, but rather, a cutting edge company that pushes computers a step further every day. The Group's principal activities are to design, manufacture and market personal computers and related software,...
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