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Considering the impressive number of beer advertising using women to draw people’s attention, I have chosen to look for original ads which have found other ways to turnconsumers’ attention to their product. With a little bit of difficulty I have finally succeeded in this search. The three following analysis will be about Eisenbahn, Nova Shin and Guinness.

Severaladvertisers, with the idea of catching people off guard, have used public bathrooms to advance their product. The goal is to leave a strong impression of their brands. I have chosen for example this veryhitting advertising from the Eisenbahn Strong Ale campaign by a brazilian communication company. This company used public urinals to show "how strong their beer really is". Here, the urinals are usedto impress men and to show them the impact of the Eisenbahn on their pee which become stronger. On this poster, we look at the broken urinal and we wonder if the urine stream really craked it. Socomes the slogan "When we say strong beer, we mean it" that illustrates the advertising.
I found it very surprising and extravagant, that made me laugh. For once, we do not see any sexy womanstanding like a useless figure head. This ad is pretty conceited but also very conceited.

The second advertising is about a non alcoholic beer by Nova Shin.
To incite to drink some beer withoutalcohol, the brand operated a new concept: use the feminine body. But not only. As you can notice on this poster, the pregnancy is highlit to call the consumer to drink this beer.
As you must know, thepregnancy generally means a healthier food for the future mother, and in particular, the alcoholic abstinence.
Nova Shin, by showing a pregnant woman, binds the needs of these mothers who remainconsumers after all: they can enjoy the drink without hurting the baby.
To my mind, this advertising is also adressing to people who does not want to drink and undergo the consequences of alcohol....
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