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Introduction :

IT - Information and automatic contraction - is the domain of scientific activity, technical and industrial related to the automatic processing of information by machines such as computers, game consoles, robots, etc..

The term "computer" refers to the original theoretical computer science: a set of formal sciences whose aim is to study the concept of information and methodsfor automated processing thereof. These include, for example, algorithms, signal processing, computability and information theory.

The automation of information processing is much older than the invention of the computer. The first automated processing machines were mechanical machines built in the seventeenth century.

"Computer science is not science more about computers than astronomy isone of the telescopes [1]"
- Edsger Dijkstra

Appeared in the 1950s, the industry of information technology and communication is linked to the computer, electronics and telecommunication. The activities are the production of computer hardware - machinery and parts, and software - treatment processes - which are intended for the acquisition, storage, processing, transmission and retrieval ofinformation automatically. The sector also provides many services related to the use of its products: education, support, monitoring and maintenance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers:

Science has invented Many Things. The triumphs of science are too many to be counted. The Triumph of science is too many to be counted. Some of the latest triumphs of science are really wonderful. Some ofthe Latest Triumph of science is really wonderful. They are quite remarkable discoveries. They Are Quite Remarkable discoveries. It has made our life easier by the computer a few years ago. It has made Our Life Easier By the computer has few "years ago. It is considered as the brains of the human beings. It is regarded as The Brains of the Human beings. It has opened up new vistas. It has openedup new vistas. These can make any number of calculations, modes of particulars hypothetical situations can be produced & studied. Thesis Can Make Any Number of calculations, methods of hypothetical situations particulars can be Produced & studied.

In business, businessmen can simply deal through internet with their client regarding quantity and quality of the materials they require and cansatisfy their clients. In business, businessmen Cdn Simply Deal Through Internet with Their client regarding quantity and quality of The Material THEY CAN Satisfy Requirements and Their Clients. They can also give advertisement of their company through internet to attract more customers towards it. THEY CAN GIVE also advertisement of their company through Internet to Attract More Customers towards It.In schools, children are given knowledge about softwares of computer like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and for small kids games are available in PCs for their refreshment. In schools, Children are Given Knowledge of computer software’s like about Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel for small kids and games are available for PCs in Their refreshment. Through computers, we can easily chat or givetenders, graphics to the person living in other parts of the world. Through computers, we can chat easily gold GIVE tenders, graphics to the persons living in Other Parts of the World. We can also do e-commerce through computer by booking for the product & delivery is done at home. We can do also e-business-through computer by booking for The Product is done & delivery at home. We can also come toknow about new products and their prices through pc. We can also come to know about New Products and Their Prices-through pc. Now, a days all the designers shows their talent of design through websites. Now, Days All the designers their talent shows-through design of websites. We can also send picture on any topic to the person living in other parts of the world via email. We can send picture and...
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