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2. The Challenge
Brand's is a market leader in Hong Kong for instant bird's nest, howeve, despite the fact That domestic demand continued to increase, sales of Brand's birds nest has-been indecline.
Hong Kong is handler, and has-beens for long time, one of the Biggest Consumers of Birds' Nest, importing about 100 tons (grossing about $ 25 million) Annually. This Has Many in result fromthisCompetitors' Entering the market.
Despite the Demand, the Bird's Nest Has Also Been industrie year Increasing number of facings challenges. Over recent years, There Have Been Many reports of unethicalcompanies selling or tampered fake bird's nest. This Has Caused Many Consumers to Become more hesitant to buy bird's nest. The recent trend in health consciousness as well as Development in ScienceAlso Have Inspired The Development of new products Many Whose effects can substitute Easily The Benefits of Bird's Nest, and can do so Often at a lower price. Finally, There Is little scientific evidenceto confirm the Benefits of bird's nest, Which Makes the modern consumer Even More hesitating Towards the product. In the face of contention Disadvantages, Brand's Needs to Convince Consumers ThatBird's Nest Remains a good solution for o o health and beauty.
3. Situation Analysis
3.1 Internal Environment
3.1.1 Company
To help People Performance at Their Best
The bestvalue, low cost and Reflecting high quality
3.1.2 Competitors
Company Specialization Bird's Nest 'product Free Product Source
Brand's Essence Specialized in Chicken and Bird's Nest InstantCellar
Eu Yan Sang Chinese medicine & Dried Instant Unspecified
东方 红 Chinese Delicacies & Dried Instant and medicine Unspecified
Instant Bird's Nest 老行家 Unspecified
盏 记 Chinese Delicacies & DriedInstant House
官燕 栈 Specialized in Bird's Nest & Dried Instant Cellar
楼上 Specialized in Chinese Delicacies dried dried bird's nest Mainly intended for dried Also present Cellar Range
House for time...
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