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( What are the benefits for choosing a franchise ?
(What are the steps in starting it ?

I /Theoretical presentation:
   What Is a Franchise?(C’est une sous partie)

The franchise agreement is a contract that combines a distribution company, owner of a mark , the franchisor, one or more independent retailers, franchisees.The franchise is not defined by a special legal status: it is a contractual relationship, which for normal operation, must include a number of obligations.
( It ischaracterized by:
- Ownership or right to use the signs of rallying customers by the franchisor: trademark, trade or service, sign, company name, trade name, initials, symbols, logos;- Transmission by the franchisor's experience and know-how to the franchisee.

- The provision by the franchisor to the franchisee of commercial or technical assistancefor the duration of the contract.

Pour Ghita
( There are three types of franchise:
1) Franchise contracts of service: under which the franchisee provides a service under thebrand of the franchisor.
2) Franchise Agreements production: under which the franchisee makes, itself, as specified by the franchisor, the products it sells under the brand of it.
3)Franchise distribution: under which the franchisee only sells certain products in a store that carries the brand of the franchisor.

     What are the benefits? ( Autre souspartie)
For the franchisor

What is the cost of entry in a franchise?

- The right of entry;

- The purchase of a stock of goods (if applicable);

- Getting the local conformity- Fees ( redevance)

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Pour Fatma

How to finance your project?

- Your personal contribution:

- The loans

II/ Case study: Starbucks:
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