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Personal Business Coach - New leaders: We don’t need another hero

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don’ Newleaders: We don’t need another hero
An important task that we are frequently called upon to undertake is that of supporting individuals who are currently making the transition to the role of leader, be that of a business, department or function. In our work, we try to convey the idea that a business is a shared and collective enterprise that gives people responsibility and accountability. In doingso, it must engage hearts and minds through dialogue and shared action. Organisations need many leaders rather than few. If not, formal leaders get burdened and slowed down by the weight of responsibility, whilst others wait to be told what to do and what to think. Stepping forward However, this is far from being an argument against strong leadership. Rather, it is an appeal for a particular andmore human style of leadership. Effective organisations absolutely need someone to step forward and exercise leadership if they are to be successful. That moment when someone is called upon to be a leader of a business, or even a department or function, is a step change for which nothing in their previous career has fully prepared them. The manner in which they negotiate this transition isessential, both for the individual in terms of their ongoing career and personal health, and for the organisation in terms of business continuity and profitable growth. It is essential, therefore, that appropriate support is provided at this stage, and this most usually takes the form of intensive one to one coaching. Leaping across the great divide One of the most common issues we come across, even withvery experienced managers making the transition to leadership, is a real vagueness as to what they are being called upon to do as a leader. As Otazo (2007) points out, for the new leader the familiar hills of their organisation become a foreign landscape with new power structures, new demands and new expectations to navigate. Ideas on leadership have evolved and adapted to the changed needs oforganisations. New leaders are usually vaguely aware that the way they have been led in the past is not necessarily the way they are being called upon to act into the future. Fifty of the best So, can the current literature on leadership offer any practical directions and guidelines? With this question in mind, I sat down one day in early June in the library of Ashridge Business School, surrounded byover 50 articles on leadership recently published in respectable journals. My aim in doing this was two fold: First, to look for common themes and views that would give us a view of what leadership in the early 21st century is considered to be; Secondly, I was looking for useful aphorisms: concise phrases that summed up entire In this section: Delegation: A critical facet of leadership Takingexecutive coaching to the next level Playing the change game The Urgency of Change Feedback: The fuel that drives improved performance Mastering the not so basic basics of leadership Leadership as support and challenge Leadership and Learning Leading amidst ambiguity and uncertainty Coaching as a Critical Leadership Capability Leading with passion and energy Who can you trust to kick start yourbusiness? Building leadership presence and impact Free Lunchtime Learning Seminar Communication skills for leaders Leading in a complex and changing world New leaders: We don’t need another hero Achieving superior performance Our distinctive approach How to write knockout presentations SAVE MONEY, STOP TRAINING Probably the best free business leadership resource on the web Strategic Development:...
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