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To support our key argument which is the guest satisfaction and the long term relation wehave with S&F tours, we will give them the golden book of the Hotel. On this book, we have, since the opening of the hotel, gatheredall the reviews of the guests which are in majority positive ones. This will allow us to show S&F Tours that in this region ourhotel is unique and perfectly adapted to their clients and that the good reputation they have in Spain is thanks to us



Doyou have a contigency (back up) plan ? What if things do not proceed as you expect ?

In this type of situation where the twosides have strong arguments to defend there willing, it is essential to have a back up plan.
As we studied the case, we, hotel de laplaya realized that giving them 30% will not be profitable for us even if we loose the guests of this year but on the long termloosing the contract with Sun&Fun Tours will be a considerable loss for the company.
That is why at the moment we are looking forpotential guests to fill the hotel if S&F Tours decides to cancel this year trip. We have found some possibilities with Dutch tourists butas we are short on time we will have to cut prices. However we will do everything we can to keep the long term contract with S&F.
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