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Champagne • It must come from Champagne North East of France • Latitude and precise position makes Champagne special. o Further from the Equator than any other wine growing region (except England) ▪ Long ripening period (delicacy of fruit, High level of crisp acidity) ▪ Proximity to the sea helps ripening. July’s (warmest month) temperature higher than Marlborough. o Plain of chalk, carved in 2 by the river Marne • Grapes : Pinot Noir, Meunier, Chardonnay. Very gentle pressing for red grapes. Also Pinot blanc, pinot gris, petit meslier, arbane, gamay. ▪ Methode Champenoise : ▪ First fermentation as normal ▪ The wine then is bottled with addition of liqueur de triage (yeast & sugar) and sealed ▪ Second Fermentation takes place with creation of Carbon dioxide as Bi-product. The wine is then aged on the lees. The longer the time champagne stays on the lees, the better. In law : 15months for NV, 3 years for vintage ▪ The bottles are “riddled” until the dead yeast (lees) falls into the neck of the bottle. ▪ The neck of the bottle is frozen creating a “plug of dead yeast” ▪ Disgorgement ▪ Some wine is lost during the process, so addition of liqueur d’expedition/dosage (wine and sugar) • Brut, extra brut, non dosé…
3 disctinctive regions

Montagne de Reims. Pinot Noir on south facing slopes will bring structure, body and fruit depth.
Vallee de la Marne. Meunier et Pinot noir. Meunier brings acidity, youthfull fruitiness.
Cotes des blancs. Chardonnay acidity, freshness, expresses winemaking and terroir very well.

Classification: as in Burgundy ▪ Grand cru : Most in Cote des blancs but also around Montagne de Reims ▪ Premier cru : Most around Montagne de Reims.

3 towns where Champagne houses are based. ▪ Reims : Heidseick, Veuve

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