Civilisation britannique

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Civilisation Britannique

CHAPITRE 1: Introduction to contemporary Britain:

Problematic: Is the UK becoming a « divided realm »?
Britain is today a crowded island and has a population of almost 61,8 million. Because of its geographical status, Britain has always been a multi-ethnic nation. Immigrant arrived for diverse reasons such as religious persecution or economic reasons. Morerecently, immigration has become a hot political issue.
To start with, we are going to deal with a series of definitions:
What is Great Britain? Which countries are in Great Britain? What is the United Kingdom?
Where the name “United kingdom” does comes from? What countries make up the United Kingdom? What is the difference between England, Great Britain and the UK? What do we mean by “the Britishisles”, “the Commonwealth”, and “the British Empire”?

I – The British Isles
The British Isles is the name of a collection of about 4 000 islands including Great Britain and Ireland. The name “the British isles” is usually only seen on maps. Great Britain, known as Britain or GB, is the name for the largest of the islands. It includes England, Scotland and Wales, but it does not include NorthernIreland or the Republic of Ireland.
“The British Isles” is a geographical term that refers to Great Britain, the whole of Ireland (Northern and Southern), the Channel Island and all the offshore islands, most notably the Isles of Man. The United Kingdom does not include the Isles of Man (which lies between GB and the island of Ireland) and the Channel Islands (which lie off the North Coast ofFrance). The Isle of Man, otherwise known simply Mann, is a self-governing British Crown Dependency.
The head of state is Queen Elisabeth II, who holds the title of Lord of Mann. The lord of Mann is represented by a lieutenant governor. The island is not part of the UK, but its foreign relations and defense are the responsibility of the UK Government. It is important to remember that SouthernIreland, also called Eire, is completely independent. The United Kingdom is the correct name to use to refer to the country in a political rather than in a geographical way.
The UK is a political term which includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
All of these countries are represented in Parliament in London.
Today, Scotland and Wales have their own local parliaments, with power tomake decisions about their countries.
The UK including the channel Island but without the Isle of Mann, is a member of Europea Union. The Isle of Mann maintains free-trade agreements with the Europea Union, but is not a member.
Everybody from the UK is British, but only people from England are English. People from Wales think of themselves as Welsh, people from Scotland as Scottish, people fromNorthern Ireland as
either British or Irish.
Great Britain is the term used to distinguish Britain from Brittany in France.
Great Britain is the official name given to the two kingdom of England and Scotland and the principality of Wales.
England Scotland and Wales together with the province of Northern, from the country officially known as the « UK of GB and Northern Ireland », or simply the UK.The UK came into being in 1801 following the Irish union, although the greater part of Ireland gained independence in 1921 to form the Irish Republic (or Eire). The majority of the people in Northern Ireland have wished to remain part of the UK, although a minority wanted unification with the Irish republic.
England is part of an island called GB, the largest island in Europe. GB is theofficial name given to the two kingdoms of England (Angleterre), Scotland (Ecosse) and the principality of Wales (Pays De Galles).
Great Britain is made up of England with London as a capital, Scotland with Edinburgh and
Wales with Cardiff.

Great Britain is divided into counties. The word “county” describes an area with its own local government. County councils are elected to run current affairs...
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