Communication in greek sports sciences

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Communication in Greek sports sciences

Communication is one of the most important functions of management. Coaches of team and individual sports should know how to communicate successfully with athletes and assistants in order to maximize individual and team performance. A lack of communication means problems in coordination, cohesion and cooperation among the group. The coach, acting like the transmitter, should find the most appropriate ways to send its messages to the receivers, athletes and assistants. Effective communication between coaches and athletes in practice, before, during and after the game is a crucial factor and could affect positively or negatively team and individual performance. This research, based on review of literature and questionnaires, indicates the communication barriers among coaches and athletes, defines basic communication principles, and suggests methods of improving communication. The results and conclusions of this research are important for coaches, who coach and lead athletes and wish to have an effective and fruitful communication style.

Communication is the transfer of information in the form of an understandable message through a channel from a sender (coach) to others (athletes, personnel). Communication is the exchange of information, thoughts, ideas, or emotions among two or more people. Successful communication also means that the message should not only be transmitted, but also appropriately decoded (Kanelopoulos, 1990). Communication is an important factor of cohesion of any group of people which works together attempting to achieve common objectives. Effective communication is a prerequisite for group coordination, the development of good personal relationships and trust within the team and the creation of a positive environment around and within the team. Effective communication among group members leads the team effort to the achievement of its goals. On the other hand, any lack of communication usually

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