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Once upon a time, in a far far away country, a young girl named Selena. When she xas sixteen, Selena's mother feel seriously ill, so, she confided her daughter to her faithful friend : The kind of Almalexia. For three years, the young woman lived and worked in his huge palace. Selena hadn't the chance to be beautiful with long and sweet hair or a radiant face, but she was the nicest and the most honest od the palace. In this palace, there was a pretty prince who Selena immediately fell in love with him. Unfortunately, it wasn't the same for the prince who didn't know the existence of the young woman. So, everyday, she would try to draw his attention, but this didn't work.
Fortunately, there was Nigel, another domestic help and Selena's friend to reassure her, saying that she was as magnificent as a ray of sunlight. The young woman was so sad that she didn't realize the secret love of Nigel to her. One day, Selena was in her bedroom, alone, she was reading a fairy tale in which the princess always lived happily with the prince at the end. Obviously, Selena had realized that these princesses were brilliant and charming, contrary to her. She had cried again and again, thinking that she would never be able to be happy because she was hideous. So , she repeated again and again desperately : « I wish I might be as beautiful as a princess ...I wish I might be as beautiful as a princess ».
The next morning, it was sunny in Almalexia, the birds were singing, and Selena had awoken at 6.a.m like everymorning to make breakfast. Around 8.a.m, the King, the Queen and the Prince came to have breakfast. Then, when the woman arrived to give them food, the prince was amazed by the beauty of her : « My dear, I have to say that you are the cutest girl of this palace »
« Thank you my dear prince » exclaimed Selena timidly
« Can I ask you to dinner with me tonight ? » asked the prince
« Sure, it's a fantastic idea » replied the girl.
After that, Selena had returned into

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