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H.K. LongYing Technology Ltd.
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LY-SC11200's introduction:
It is our latest design-baked products,it is more suitable for laptop computers used to recharge!Product-based utility, and we give it a reliable performance and superior charge capacity! It is equipped with four IC, polymer lithium-ion battery capacity is 11200 mA • h. Its output voltage can bemodulated!It could be used to various kinds of mobile phones, mp3, mp4, PSP game consoles, digital camera charger. When your products are completely without electricity, you just put it to link to yourdigital products, you can immediately use your product! It is also a highlight of the flashlight, it will improve your life!

|Model |LY-SC11200 |
| Solar Battery Type |mono-crystalline|
|Solar panels power | 2W |
|Interface maximum output power | 38W|
|Interface Output Voltage | 4.2V/8.4V/12.6V/16.8V/19V (Voltage can be adjusted) |
|Built-in lithium-ion battery capacity | 11200 mA·h polymer lithium-ion battery |
| Case Material | ABS fire plastic|
|Adapter Input Voltage | AC100V~240V |
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