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Date: Thurs, 26 June  2008 14:55:53 -01000 (EDT)
From: Will Mason []
Subject: Senior Human Resources consultant position advertised on
To: Jane.smith@hugecorporate.comDear Ms. Smith, 

Please find attached my Curriculum Vitae for the position of Senior Human Resources Consultant.
 I’m particularly interested in this position, which relates stronglyto my ten years of experience in Human Resources at senior management level.
I’m currently Human Resources Manager of Littlecorp Inc., and I believe I meet all the essential criteria of theposition. My work at Littlecorp has been rewarding and productive. However, I wish to expand my career further, into the consultancy role. I see the Senior Human Resources Consultant role as an integralpart of my intended future career path, building on my previous achievements.
The position also has a definite correlation with my practical knowledge and experience. You’ll see from my CV that Ihave been deeply involved in management and development of Littlecorp’s Human Resources career strategies, including in particular our highly successful Career Path Management and Career Counselingservices for staff and management. These strategies, policies and services are very closely linked to the fundamental consultancy element of the position.
I feel that I am well qualified to make aneffective and useful contribution to Hugecorporate’s consultancy operations. I have researched Hugecorporate’s excellent record in innovative HR management and policy advisory services, and I’menthusiastic about the chance to participate in a meaningful role with an industry leader in the field.
Thank you for your considering my application. Please contact me should you require any furtherinformation,

Yours sincerely, 

Will Mason

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