Cyber marketing

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Time-Constrained Essay

Question 1:

Describe and discuss the four main e-commerce cyber marketing strategies and provide examples and a URL for each. Conduct detailed comparison between the strategies, describe the pros and cons of each and give the decision-making criteria for the selection of a particular strategy.


Alasdair White


Nowadays, Internet users are more than 2 billion people which represent 28,7% of the world population[1]. Therefore, several companies based their marketing strategy on the use of internet to reach maximum internet users and potential customers. A majority of them understood that they couldn’t compete without being on the Web. The birth of e-commerce made the success of electronic companies. Relationships between firms (B2B), customers (C2C) and between firms and customers (B2C) have been developed at a large scale by e-commerce. According to a market study of Fevad (“Fédération des entreprises de vente à distance”) around 65 000 websites sales on internet keeps growing. In this essay, I will discuss about the four main e-commerce cyber marketing strategies. To illustrate this, I will provide examples for each of them by listing the name of a company and explain their strategies. Then, I will develop them to show the comparison between each company, the decision that led them to choose this kind of strategy and their negative and positive aspects.


As a supermarket Delhaize can’t struggle with the growing purchase of e-commerce. Therefore, the company decided to create Delhaize Direct to compete against other firms. This strategy integrates clicks and mortar as a business model. The company allows internet users to order online but they let them pick up their reservation at a local store. This system is going to be illustrated by explaining the mechanism of this service.

The principle of Delhaize Direct is a service of the supermarket which

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