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In 1954, Dr. Jacques SERVIER set up French Servier Pharmaceutical Laboratory in the town of Orleans in the middle part of France. Which employed only 9 people in its initial period. During decades ofkeen competition it has been growing and expanding continuously. Its output growth rate in 1985 listed the third among the world wide pharmaceutical industry. It was awarded by SCRIP Medical Magazineas the world's most creative pharmaceutical factory. Today Servier is active in more than 135 countries employing more than 13,000 people across the world. Servier has become the largest privatepharmaceutical group in France. Products listDiabetes and metabolic disorder:DIAMICRON®:Global treatment for metabolic disorder and vascular complication in type II diabetes. Cardiovascular diseases-ACERTIL®:Hypertension: A true once-daily ACE inhibitorHeart Failure: Easy to initiate, easy to titrate, easy to maintain.NATRILIX ® & NATRILIX ® SR:The international reference diuretic for optimalcardio-protection.VASOREL®: Optimizes cardiac metabolism to treat ischemic heart disease. Cerebrovascular, Neuropsychiatric diseases:DUXIL®:Unique mechanism of increasing oxygen supply to the brain andneurosensory tissue against aging.TRASTAL®:Selective D2/D3 dopamine agonist, effectively improve symptoms of Parkinsonian Disease and Cerebral aging.TATINOL®:Selective serotonin reuptake inducer,highly effective in depressio with an additional anxiolytic effect. Venous diseasesALVENOR®: The worldwide reference drug in the treatment of hemorrhoids and chronic venous insufficiency.OncologyMUPHORON®:Excellent efficacy and better tolerance in the treatment of primary brain tumour and disseminated malignant melanoma. Servier (Tianjin ) Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.Located in Tianjin EconomicTechnological Development Area with an area of 37,000M2, it will be not only a chemical pharmaceutical factory, but a quiet and beautiful park which fully realizes the management philosophy of Dr. SERVIER in...
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