Devoir d'anglais

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I. Compétences linguistiques

- She went
- air travel didn't exist
- it took
- When she left home, she was feeling excited.
- She went
- She was wearing
- People kissed and hugged
- When the boat sailed off, she could see that her mother was crying and her father was shouting last minute recommendations!

a) Quand Dally a émigré à L.A. il y a six ans elle pouvaità peine comprendre l'anglais.

b) On était en 1880 et il prenait part à l'aventure; comme il est monté sur le bateau il l'a remarqué.

c) Elle portait une longue robe blanche et transportait une valise.

a) As I stepped off the boat, I saw my uncle who was waiting for me.

b) It was in 1967 that my grandfather landed in France.

c) He often told me he regretted the sun of his country.4.
a) In Ellis Island, people were treated like cattle.

b) They were examinated to find out if they had contagious diseases.

c) Hispanic immigrants were said.

II. Compréhension de texte

1. (The text)

2. Questions

*The immigrants before

1) New York was built by immigrants who have passed through Ellis Island. All over the world people wanted to beggin a new life inAmerica including New York.
« They literally and figuratively built New York. »
« Without wich New York would never have became what Walt Whitman called th "proud and passionate … mad, extravagant city!"

2) New York is a symbol all over the world. It symbolizes the New World, the land where everthing is possible. They think poverty don't exist anymore in this big town. Therefore they bring andshare their cultures and religions.
« millions of people have sought the Lady Liberty, fleeing poverty, famine, war and persecution overseas. »
« They brought their native foods and religions, customs and clothing »

3) The first immigrants have gone for Manhattan before to go elsewhere.

*The immigrants today

4) The new immigrants come from a lot of differents communities. There are Hindus,the rastafarian community, Mexicans and Albanians.

5) They settled in other demarcated areas in suburbs farther from New York. The best known are the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.
« They are heading not for Manhattan, but for the more remote outer boroughs »

6) They settle there because the social life is better for all immigrants. It's easier to find a house and to get a job.
« Wherehousing is cheaper, job opportunities abound »

*An example: the Pakistanis

7) They come to etablish their own community in order that other Pakistanis can join in.

8) They go in Queens, in the Bellerose neighborhood.

9) The most of Pakistanis are islamist.
« where a mosque and a halal butcher are already »

*The qualities of an immigrants

10) An immigrant have to be strong. Sometimeshe comes from far away and enters in an other universe where he must adapt. It's the beginning of a new life for him and he must find a home and get a job, chiefly if he has family. Mainly he find a job in factories or in dockyards. So with immigrants, New York was built and filled of skycrapers. Moreover an immigrant bring a lot of new customs and therefore He makes grow up the culture of thecountry. New York became the city of diversity in all realms. (95 words)

III) Expression écrite

Hi mum and dad,

It was so hard to leave you. I already miss you. On the way I didn't know if it was a good idea to leave to another country. I was very confused but this job was dead important for me. So I stopped thinking and when I went through Ellis Island and entered in New York I wasn'tafraid anymore. It was a terrific show. In New York, streets are always filled of people who wander, who shout or who run. It's a very eventful place. You can see the world together in one city. Odors, colors, foods, everything is there. In short I'm very happy to be here. When I will find a lawyer office I will can work and earn a lot of money. Then I will take you there both of you. By the way,...
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