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A Sunday like no other
In the night from Saturday to Sunday, a bank robbery was planned by three men known to police. The alleged leader is first to Franck Henry, he lives in London with his wife and two children. He was already involved in several cases of bulglary which enabled us to say he was the head of the group. The second man was the best friend of Franck , he was named David Shame , he also had a family, but it was ruined for a few months since its liceciement and his wife threatened to leave him if he could not find a job to feed his family. It was not a character of an adventurer but he 'd changed since this dispute. The last name was marc garden, he lived alone in an apartment in suburban London, it was a childhood friend of David Franck and he was rather kind of a follower and only took few initiatives, the opposite of Franck. This memorable night saw three decisive for men, Frank decided to convene its two friends with him to develop a scheme to rob the bank located near David. he had the idea of using a disguise for each of the three friends, so has to be more discreet and not to arouse suspicion. their goal was simple, they would enter the bank and go to the safe for them to empty the contents and leave as quickly as they arrive and keep the money for exile in

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