Droit business law

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The main objectivs is to analyse, develop and compare different legals systems so as to gave possibility to trade operated to negociate contracts, to set up companiesabroad totransfer no know-how and also to regulate customs and tax policies.
IBL has been develop few public and product rules to satisfied the economic needs in all countries that also to establishthe bases of fair competition.

Ile Public Law

Traveling speaking the expression refers to Ile organization such as O.N and more in connection with IMF (international fonds) which will groundsubsidies and financial help to countries devastate earthaquate or civil war. The objective is to start doing business as soon as possible to rebuild factories and to provide local people with newage.

At the same time WB(world Bank) is publishing the famous “doing Business list” giving all necessary informations an business places in the world including trade, taxe, customary, labour andsocial aspect.
Concernig WTO, the organization has been set up to develop and harmonyse business links between states to reduce and even eliminates possible taxes and quantitative restrictions on similarproducts. WTO, can negociate quotas between market for example when America cotton produces have to compete with asian textiles, WTO will negociate quota periods to limit the acces of the us market toforeign exporters. The same case can be applied to Grece WTO, can also impose impose panalties for injustified quota action and 2009, Washington had to pay six hundred fifteen thousand billiondollars penalties for abusive quotas.
Finally Public Law also refers to conventions between countries multilaterals or bilateral agreement for business it means that a Chinese business man working bandinvesting in Australia will be treated on legal, social and trade sides exactly in the same applies to all the contracts and agreement concluded between India and Polland, Turkey, Lebanon and Syria or...
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