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How Tassimo to such successful differentiate itself from its competitors ?

I Company Presentation

Kraft Foods Inc.is the number 2 worldwide in food and drink. His products are in 149 countries, and the company represent more than 114,000 employees and has 61 brands.
Kraft Foods France is a food group. Leader in two markets, coffee and chocolate, with a 10 brands Thesebrands have a high reputation:- coffee:Carte Noire, Black Velvet, Jacques Vabre, Grand- mère, Maxwell House.- Chocolate:Milka, Suchard, Cote d'Or, Toblerone, Daim.This multinational produced a pods machine, Tassimo, in partnership with the company Braun.Thie particularity is to offer not only coffee but also chocolate (Suchard) and tea (Twinnings). Moreover pods (or T Disk) contain barcodes thatallow the machine to identify the desired beverage and water dosed accordingly.

II) description of the product and its different technical characteristics and distribution

The Tassimo machine has several very interesting technical innovations as the introduction of new capsules. This machine offers an innovative design and highly valuable natural taste through the foam and thedifferent flavors (such as coffee, chocolate and cappuccino), which differentiates machines nespresso nespresso machines because that can make espresso coffee Moreover, its use is convenient and easy.
Tassimo machines located in supermarkets, specialty stores, department stores, and online.

characteristics | Tassimo |
Water pressure | Approximately 8 bars |
Water tank | 0,9litres |
Power | 1550 w |
Preparation time for a cup | 30 to 45 seconds |

III) Products Classification

a) Durability :

The product is durable, has a good value for money and it's easy to use. It's not damaged at the first use.
Tassimo coffee maker have a 5 years life span

b) Frequency of purchase

Anomalous product : specific purchase

c) Customs ofpurchase

Considered product : the consumer only buy after a reflexion period, comparison

d) Price

Marketable product : Tassimo from 99€ to 199€ ( ninety nine to one hundred ninety nine )

e) Location

Final destination product : used by the final consumer

f) Codification

EAN-13 barcodes on paper board packaging.

IV) The different components of the product



Coffee portions
The coffee portions are placed in boxes of 10 or 20 units, according to the portions' taste.
This system permits keeping a full coolness and being 100% waterproof and airtight.

Wrapping of the coffee maker
In cardboard : it makes things easier on different levels, such as transport, logistic, but also for the customers. What's more the stowage of the shelves andthe stocks is facilitated by this wrapping and this shape.

Commercial Functions :

Coffee portions
With the Tassimo machine, different portions are possible with different flavour :

Coffee :
Carte noir : expresso classic, breakfast, cappuccino, volptuoso, columbia, déca, kenya, trio, ristretto, latte macchiato, tiramisu
Starbucks coffee
Coffee hag

Tea :
Twinings :darjeeling, green tea, earl grey, english breakfast

Chocolate :
côte d'or, milka

Each portion has a different colour and name in order to be distinguished according to their taste.
Tassimo only proposes this type of portion, and these portions are compatible with Tassimo Coffee Maker only. The brand has a midrange positioning and differs from its rivals.

Packaging of the Coffee Maker
It's oftentaken away in order to promote better the product in the shelves. The coffee maker is set with a dramatization of the product, and comes along accessories like cups or portions.
The paper board contains in it informations about the technical nature of the product, as well as coloured pictures of the product and Tassimo portions so that it is represented. The brand and the logo are visible on...
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