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Difficult to deny it, the iPhone has now a step ahead of competition from other smartphones. This sector is dominated by Apple. While no one saw her arrive, the California company has taken everyone of course. Simple, effective and satisfying 90% of the needs of the general public, the iPhone is now the star of the market. Facing him, competition was gradually organized to finallyoffer a comprehensive hardware, software and application store.
Two heavyweights are now facing Apple: Microsoft and Google. But we have retained only one capable of supporting such a competitor like Apple.

Intro iphone
Thismultifunction device which is protected by 200 patents (certificates) was announced by Steve Jobs, the executive director of Apple Inc ., on January 9th, 2007 during the trade show Macworld of San Francisco. It was marketed on June 29th, 2007 in the United States at the $499 price(prize) for the model of 4 GB.
Like most products invented by Apple, we owe its design to Steve Wozniak, an electronicsengineer, passionate IT and communications
Advantage/ or what make the iphone the most known portable
large touch screen:
The touch screen is what has allowed the iPhone to climb to the summit with its precision and multitouch.
player mp3/video:
The sound is very good especially with the headset from the same brand.
the application system is another key element of success of theiPhone by the ease of use and diversity of applications offered by the appstore
the interface is very easy to use for anyone. The accuracy of the touch screen provides ease of use.
large memory (8 GB 16GB 32 GB):
The storage capacity of the iphone can contain a lot of music, videos or applications. Current versions of the iphone are available only with 16 or 32 go.

a price too high unless you take a very expensive phone subscription.
To play music you have to use iTunes to convert your songs and even for video
The interface
Aussi parfait qu'il soit ,l'interface ne permet pas la customisation, puisqu'il permet uniquement de rajouter ou enlever des applications.
The evolution of this phone is not very flagrant. Thereis no great innovation from one phone to another. Just minor problems corrected on models below.
Cl: actually the iphone is a phone for leisure, as a phone for work, you can even call it a fashion accessory and as necessary to be in.


Android is an open source operating system [3] for smartphones, PDAs and mobile handsets designed by Android, a startup acquired by Google, andofficially announced November 5th, 2007 [4]. Other types of devices with this operating system exist, such as televisions and shelves.

The character named Bugdroid is the small green robot used by Google to make Android. This character is licensed under creative commons and can be freely used

Android provides a software development kit (SDK) that allows to develop specific applications of mobiletelephony to be implemented on the platform.
Versions of Android:
They all have names of desserts (in English) since the release of version 1.5 and follow a logical alphabet.
android is available on many smart phones of different brands such as LG HTC or Motorola.
Unlike Apple, which offers a more limited choice view that his bone is available on the product it produces.

    * 1.5: Cupcake(cupcake)
    * 1.6 Donut (Doughnut)
    2.0/2.1 *: Lightning
    * 2.2: Froyo (Frozen Yogurt - Frozen Yogurt)
    * 2.3: Gingerbread (Gingerbread) - Current Version - Released: December 6, 2010
    * 2.4: Honeycomb [9] (Honey Cake)
    * 2.5: Ice Cream [10] (Ice Cream)

Sergey Mikhailovich Brinest a computer scientist and entrepreneur born American soviétique.Il is co-fondateudu website...
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