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American Journal of Applied Sciences 3 (4): 1814-1818, 2006 ISSN 1546-9239 © 2006 Science Publications

Service Loyalty Measurement Scale: A Reliability Assessment
J. Clement Sudhahar, 2Duraipandian Israel, 3A.Prabhu Britto and 4M.Selvam 1 School of Management, Karunya Deemed University, Coimbatore, India 2 XLRI, Jamshedpur, India 3 Center for Medical Electronics, Department of ECE, Anna University, Chennai, India 4 Department of Commerce, Bharathidasan University, Trichy, India Abstract: This research article demonstrates the application of Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) in the scale development process of measuring the construct Service Loyalty (SERVLOYAL). The conceptualization of SERVLOYAL is presented, the dimensions forming the SERVLOYAL construct are figured out. The nitty-gritty of CFA is discussed. And the results of CFA analysis for SERVLOYAL scale developed are found to be reliable. This empirical study provides a solid foundation for further research in CFA and SEM applications. Key words: Service loyalty, reliability, measurement scale INTRODUCTION The act of maintaining long-term relationship with customers has been proving to be beneficial for the corporate of any rung, be it profitability or loyalty, irrespective of the sectors they belong to. In today’s highly competitive environment, organizations should protect the long-term interest of the customers and hence should seek the ways through which the customer loyalty toward the organizations will be forged. Marketers opine that these long-term relationships with the customers would enhance their profitability[1-3], increased sales, lower costs and other tangible benefits[4]. The time has come for the firms to consider this customer loyalty as a source of competitive advantage[5]. It has been established that the customers will not be impressed by only the core product attributes as other firms are also providing similar offerings. The study of customer loyalty and business performance has

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