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The frame(executive) represented next to the text to the page 100 is an image. This image contains several elements. There is a man sat(based) in the American taxi possessing thirteen American flagsplanted above the roof of the car. This man in front of his steering wheel is just a living Soviet Jew not in his native country but in America.

He(It) tries to show due to this image that nimportewho of various origins can live in America. It is a State opened to all the races. In the text, he tells us his misadventures. One day in the subway in Baku, two officers took him for an Iranianterrorist and threw(cast) him on the ground to check(control) him(it). In Berlin, a group of persons took him for an Indian programmer.

In a city of Czech, we took it for Arabic. We notice the racismis everywhere and without exception about is the human race. To conclude the affair(business), the racists try to say that every race of nobody has to stay in their country, in their respectiveenvironment(middle). This young Jew finds it sad and demonstrates us that America held out to him(her) the hand because he is estimated(appreciated) by all.

He says to us that everywhere where he goesoutside of the United States, we take him(it) and sees him(it) as a burden, a deposit(warehouse) of problem. He(it) is in safety(security) in the United States. He(it) runs(drives) without fear instreets in America, he(it) discusses with everybody. It's as if it is his(her) own family. In spite of the events of September 11th, he(it) is always less disdained in America than somewhere else.

NewYork and Los Angeles are the real multicultural cities of the world that is that there are various persons of various origins (Chinese, Indians, Jew, West Indian, Spanish, English speaker, Muslim,Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, French). The racism is a bad thing(matter). We should get all together about is the race. This young Jew, due to this image denounces(cancels) the racism on all his...
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