Gender pay gap

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« The gender pay gap is the average difference between men’s and women’s hourly earnings within the economy as a whole. Across Europe women earn on average around 18% less than men and in somecountries the gender pay gap is widening.”

« More than three-quarters of the total of part-time workers are women.”

Les differentes mesures importantes pour stopper le GPG est mesuré ?
« At EU level, the gender pay gap is defined as the relative difference in the average gross hourlyearnings of women and men within the economy as a whole.”

Situation in UE, country by country

“The at-risk-of-poverty rate is 32% forsingle mothers and 21% for women over 65, compared to 16% of men over 65.”

“In the UK, the Equality and Human Rights Commission hasestablished a framework for equal pay reviews in public sector organisations. In some organisations historical or local reasons have allowed for flexibility, bonuses or other payments that tend to disadvantagewomen. An example can be found in the Environment Agency, which undertook a joint review of pay, and grading identified widespread discrimination. This resulted in an agreement for a new gradingstructure.”

Case study UK“Paradoxalement, aux États-Unis comme en France les diplômés des MBA sont en grande partie des femmes (à 43 % pour les États-Unis6) mais 1,5 % des PDG sont des dirigeantes et au sein des 1500 plus grosses...
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