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Group description

Tricolour Outlet is a retail service owned and operated by the Alma Mater Society of Queen’s University. It is located in the heart of campus and its goal is to providemerchandise, services and information designed to address students’ needs, including clothing, bus tickets and school supplies.
The staff consists of Queen’s students. Here is the manager team composition:The managers work full-time for 25 to 40 hours a week. The other current 29 employees work part-time for an average of 6 flexible hours per week. They work in shifts of 3 or 4 persons and the teamsare not fixed. The entire staff is under a work contract that begins in May and lasts for one year.

Types of Methodology
Our group has decided to use observations as one of theprimary techniques for gathering real-time data on Tricolour Outfitters. Observing the team member’s behaviour in their functional setting will aid in developing a general understanding of how theorganization works. A detached observation style will be used, whereby team members will record observational data through the use of film and note taking. Our team will construct a criterion for specificobservations to be recorded, taking the form of a structured observation. This will ensure that each team member is informed on what to observe, how to observe it and how to record it, ensuring accurateconclusions. Due to the high risk of biases in other methods for collecting data, observations will provide our team with the opportunity to offset these biases, attempting to avoid any distortions andsampling issues. Throughout this process our group will continually assess the data to reduce personal biases that could potentially arise from the observer. Interpretation and codifying may becomplex however, the adaptability of this technique paired with structured observations will help to overcome this difficulty.
Individual interviews will be conducted with the manager and...
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