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Harrow is not built on a campus : it is fully integrated into the surrounding area ; there are private houses and shops on the hill, and the main road through the hill is a normal public highway andindeed a bus route. The school is made up of some 400 acres (160ha) of playing fields, tennis courts, golf course, woodland and gardens.
Harrow mottoe is :
Latin : Stet Fortuna Domus ("Let theFortune of the House Stand") & Donorum Dei Dispensatio Fidelis ("The Faithful Dispensation of the Gifts of God").
Harrow School offen just called "Harrow", is an independent school for boys situated inthe town Harrow, in north-west London. Harrow has educated boys since 1243 but was officially founded by John Lyon under a Royal Charter of Elizabeth I in 1572. The school has an enrolment ofapproximately 800 boys distributed in 12 boarding houses, all of whom board full time. Harrow is world-famous for its many traditions and rich history, which includes the use of boaters, morning suits, tophats and canes as uniform as well as a very long time of famous alumni including 8 former Prime Minister.
Numerous foreign statesmen, former and other members of Parliament, two Kings and severalother members of various royal families, 19 Victoria Cross holders and a great notable figures, in both the arts and the sciences. It is one of the original nine English public school as defined by thePublic School Acts 1868 and it is also one of the oldest and most respected schools in England.
Harrow on the Hill is home to the prestigious public school Harrow Boys School, officially founded in1572 and has educated 7 British Prime Ministers including British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Sir Elton John & Ronnie Barker who were brought upin Pinner, Billy Ido, Peter Andrew and Tom Fletcher from McFly were born in Harrow. The school's fourth form room was used as a backdrop in JK Rowling movie Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone....
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