How to export portuguese wine in belgium?

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Study Case: How to export Portuguese wine in Belgium?

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Introduction 4
Analysis of the Belgian wine market 5 Importation of wine in Belgium 5 Consumption 7 Consumers 7 Distribution 8 Place 8 Price 8 Promotion means 9 Packaging 9 Perspectives 9
Portuguese wines 11 Red wines 11 White wines 11 Sparkling wines 11
SWOT of Portuguese red wines in Belgium 12
The case study 12 The problem 12 Target market 13 Our concept and its 4P’s 13 Product 13 Price 17 Place 17 Promotion 22
Critical conclusion 24
Bibliography 24
Appendix 24


The course “Marketing Internationally” aims at presenting the analysis of various tools and approaches to understand international markets. Within this framework, we were asked to conduct researches on Portuguese red wines. The aim of this paper is to present a successful strategy of penetration and develop an innovative concept of Portuguese red wine, which would lead to the improvement of Portuguese red wine image in Belgium. We decided to base our paper on a concept of sparkling red wine that we will call “Palmelita”. We have been able to write this paper on the basis of researches through syllabi and websites. We will first analyze the Belgian market and identify opportunities for our product. To do so, we will briefly describe consumption habits, distribution channels and we will highlight perspectives of growth. Secondly, we will make a short description of Portuguese wines and their characteristics. Afterwards, we will present our concept and explain the adaptation of 4P’s. And finally, we will end this paper with a critical conclusion.

Analysis of the Belgian wine market

We will first analyze the targeted market which is Belgium. Actually, it is important to conduct a marketing research before exporting abroad in order not to fail in appreciating environmental differences.

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