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Esp 4 English
Continuous Assessment

The following questions are designed to encourage you to provide evidence of specific abilities. Your examples can be taken from your education, work experience, placements or spare time or other voluntary activities but do not write solely about your course work.
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Planning, implementation and achieving results
Describe a challenging project, activity or event which you have planned and taken through to a conclusion. Include your objective, what you did, any changes you made to your plan and state how you measure your success.
During my first year in Espeme. I was the President of an associative project. We decided to mix the generations arranging meetings between former World War II soldiers and pupils. The aim was to make them tell their story and to create a real exchange between them. This project was very successful. Kids were very interested and the former soldiers were very happy to share their experience. Moreover, the newspaper "Nice Matin" heard about our project and they decided to make an article about us. Our main victory was the smile of the pupils and the thanks of every schools teachers and administrators.

Influencing, communication and team work
Describe how you have achieved a goal through influencing the actions or opinions of others (perhaps in a team context). What were the circumstances? What did you do to make a difference? How do you know the result was satisfactory?
During my third year internship, I worked in Water services in Veolia Water Vietnam. Our main challenge was to convince Soc Trang province shrimp producers to let us treat the water of their fields. The main problem was to make them understand how important it is to treat the water and that they have to invest an important amount in water treatment solutions whereas they are not

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