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This document is an advertisement in color. It’s a full page ad and eye-catching. This is an ad for Right Guard anti-perspiring body spray, very useful in periods of hot weather or toavoid uncomfortable situations.
Here, the target market is active people, mostly men between 20 and 45 years old because we can see a young man and next to him a business man in the main scene.
Infact, this ad aims, more generally, people who don’t want to work up a sweat.
The goal is to boost sales and to create awareness that there is help for severe cases of perspiration and body odors inthe form of Right Guard.

This ad is a photo in color about a body spray where we can see it in its packaging. We can also observe a daily scene which shows, with humor, in which situation to use theproduct.

First, the scene takes place in the bus or the train where lots of people are usually closely crammed together. It’s certainly in Summer or Spring because people are lightly dressed, inshort sleeves and no jacket.

In the foreground on the left, we can see immediately the product as an extinguishing hanging on the wall with safety instructions above it.

In the background on theright, we see the main scene which shows when and why to use the product.
Some people standing and huddled together especially a woman between two people and face to a man who’s dinging to the top.Consequently, he has the arm raised and he is perspiring under his armpits and from the woman’s face, it seems to smell bad.
Moreover, we note the woman is standing at a red bar in the same colorthan the spray box on the left so we can think the spray at the left is the solution for the problem at the right, in other words, Right Guard as a preventive role for the future and solutions in thepresent.

Then at the top, on the right, there’s a big inscription written in English, bigger than this one on the left in German.
We know English is a more international language than German so we...
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