La chine et le vin

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International Business

The Wine Market: Invest in China

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Table of contents

Introduction 2
Part 1: Presentation of China 4
1) General : 4
1.1) Political 4
1.2) Demographics: 4
1.4) Economy (2008 figures) 5
1.5) Sociological context: 5
Part 2: China and the Wine Market (PESTEL) 6
2) Policy and Economic environment . 6
2.1) social context (culture and wine consumption): 7
2.2) Legal Environment 8
Part 3: Design Competition (Porter) 10
A) Intensity of competition 10
B) Power of suppliers' negotiations 12 C) Bargaining power of customers………………………………………………………...12
D) New entrants 13
E) The threat of substitute products 13
Conclusion 14


China is now a country growing. In fact, with 1.3 billion people China is now among the BRIC economics. This constant exponential growth continues to attract the country and different sectors. Indeed, for various reasons such as costs of production, mastering new technologies, adaptability ... many countries consider it as a land saving. Thus today we will try to respond more precisely to the fact that it is yes or no interest to invest in China. More precisely, Company X employed (dummy) located in Maine et Loire in France now produces red wines of good quality (10 euros on average per bottle) and wants to invest in China by exporting its products to it. She wants to set up a storage platform and distributed these products on the continent.
We will study the capacity of China's market and its likely or not to accommodate such actors.
Part 1: Presentation of China
1) General :
Third world countries in terms of area and first in terms of population, China is in the Far East, between Siberia and South-Eastern Asia. In addition to its population is estimated at 1.3 billion inhabitants and its capital is Beijing.
1.1) Political

China has been governed since 1949 by four Communist leaders. The

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