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Dear Mr. Mario Cumino,

I am writing to you on behalf of the LDPE's marketing team concerning the Caferoma's marketing analysis. We have noticed thatconsumers were increasingly unhappy for various reasons. The company lost market share and we have decided to change Caferoma's strategy.
The Caferoma's brand shouldreview their strategy and their positioning. According to the analysis, 80% of people interrogated, the brand is old-fashioned. We must develop a newadvertising campaign to re-launch the brand. An attractive advertising will permit to reinvigorate the image of the company. We will also create a new packaging, moremodern. We could also have a muse, a people who will be the Caferoma’s ambassador.
Currently considered too expensive for 60% of people interrogated, thetraditional coffee sold in supermarkets are losing market share. To boost sales and to match the competition, we will reduce its price by 25%.
To broaden our range,we will launch a coffee machine under the brand name "Caferoma”. This espresso machine will be modern and will be sold in supermarket specializing. In thefirst time, the coffee capsules, specially adapted to the machine, will be sold in the specialist shops and in the future in Caferoma’s special stores. This newproduct will position the company in a segment where it is not present at the moment. These products will be part of a luxurious range. The idea is to change thecorporate image in the mind of the consumer. Our goal is to touch a class of persons who are not our current customers.
I look forward to hearing from you.
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