Lettre de motivation en anglais

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Cover Letter

Key to all: original thinking + Teamwork

The world surrounding me has always been a source of curiosity and inspiration: I have always been acting for a better understanding ofit, academically speaking, and took part in it in every aspect of my life sofar. My international background, passing the French scientific baccalaureat (mention Bien, “with honours”) withinternational British option (with an A), passing a BA in Contemporary History and Politics at Sussex University (with a 1st), coming back to France to pass a Master in Development Economics (mention Bien) andnow following an MSc in Economic History at LSE has given me the taste of fulfilled curiosity, as well as the ability to work hard in multi-cultural environments. I want to keep moving on that roadand pursue a global career.

Studying history, politics and economics at such high level has enabled me to broaden my mind on key issues. I developed the capacity to rapidly draw links between eventsand situations, a key skill for originally and efficiently analysing my environment and the world around me. Practically, enables me to tackle problems as soon as they appear and from whatever angleis the most efficient. In the field of Global Markets, this wide perspective would enable me to perform best: economic changes are most of the time linked to political ones, and vice versa, and onemust look at both these fields to comprehend these changes, and even anticipate them.

It is clear to me that my professional goal is to take an active and prominent part at the highest level ofmanagement. My taste for internationalism, conceptualisation and rapid action, and high level mathematics which survived three years of social sciences leads me today to contemplate a career in aninternational finance institution. The financial sector, a precursory field, appeals to me by its dynamism and innovation. I like manipulating complex concepts, looking for concrete solution and being...
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