Ma plus horrible expérience

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My most horrific experience in a plane

Last summer I went by plane with my family to Téneriffe .

The plane had taken off safely for thirthy minutes and we were comfortably sitting.Suddenly a forty-year old man left his place and announced a hijacking.

He brandished a gun and a grenade.

All the passengres were terrified.

He howled that his wife was unfaithful andthat he wanted to take revenge .

He was angry and desesperate.

We didn't understand why he wanted to include us in his revenge plans
We were trapped in this plane and we were reallyscared.

Then, the hijacker pointed his weapon at the stewardess. One of the pilots had locked the cockpit's door and that's why the man shouted at him, to force the crew to open it again.His face wass hooded . He ordered to the pilote to fly to Marocco.

Quietly the co-pilot told him there wasn't enough fuel and they would collopse before arriving at destination.

Then,crying, the mangave us an explanat : The pilote had stolen his wife and that was the reason why we would all die.

He had been planning the hijacking for two months .

I cried in silence andmy mother took me in her arms.

Later , he took the money of all the passengers.

The cabin staff tried to prevent the unfortunate from doing something so stupid.

Finally, the man beganto panick because of the lack of fuel.

He had a parachute in a bag and he put it on his back . The plane decompressed when the man

opened the door and jumped.

The pilots said hischanes of survival were nil because the plane was just above the sea .

We were disturbed, shocked but safe.

Finally , we landed in Teneriffe . It was the end of our nightmare. There were noinjuries.

So , the airplane company offered free travels by air to all the passengers.

One yar has passed, but I don't want to go back to a plane anymore. It was a too horrific experience.
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