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The history of the brand: {draw:frame}
The brand Nivea is the number one ranking in the world with its skin care and cosmetics.
Nivea belongs to Beiersdorf a very important German society and represents 70% of its CA.
The brand Nivea has been created in 1911 when the doctor OskarTroplowitz got the first emulsion of oil in water. A dermatologist recommended him to add several ingredients such as citrus fruits, lavender rose… Oskar Troplowitz named this cream Nivea, from the Latin nix nivis, which means snow.
In this first part of our report, we will focus on the Nivea’s environment. Indeed, the way a brand acts is mostly defined by its environment, which can be internal orexternal (demographic, political, economic, natural, cultural…). First of all, we will focus on the external environment of this brand.(?)
The situation analysis
The environment (demographic, economical, natural, technological, political, cultural, legal forces)
The demographic environment:
Nivea sells its products worldwide, indeed, since the 80’s, the firm Beiersdorf managed toextend the brand Nivea out of its original market: Germany.
Now, Nivea’s products are sold worldwide: in all the American continent, in Europe, in Africa, but also in Asia, and in Australia. Thus, Nivea sells its product in more than 120 countries.
Who are the customers of Nivea? The brand is designed to a large part of the population, as we will see later. It’s a quite affordable brand, becauseNivea is not a luxury brand such as Guerlain or L’Oréal, but it enjoys a really good brand image.
The economic environment:
The brand has been developed during the first part of the 20th century. In developed countries it was the beginning of mass consumption. Nivea has been able to take advantage of customers’ new needs. Indeed, with the economic development of the 20th century, and withthe standard of living’s improvement, potential customers appeared. Customers who wanted differentiated products, and who had the money to buy it.
The cultural environment:
Nivea notably owes its success to the familial aspect of the product. Indeed, the first cream was designed to the entire family. Which lead the customers to become attached to the product. Then, over the years, Niveadeveloped itself by creating about 20 other brand, which comes up to everyone’s expectations. It was a product useful for everyone? It became a group of personalised product for each person.
By developing new products with the brand nivea, the group followed the cultural evolutions of consumption of the century.
In the 30s, the image of the women is very important, and Nivéa develops a productrange focused on women beauty and cares, and the success is immediate. Nivea managed to settle in the world of care skin and beauty, but it doesn’t stop here. Nivéa continue to adapt its products to cultural changes of developed countries, with the discovery of a new potential consumer. The society ‘allows’ him to take care of himself, and to be more sophisticated. Thus, Nivéa creates the firstbrand dedicated to the man beauty: Nivéa for men, which is created in 1989. After this success, Nivea creates several other brands such as “Nivea Sun” “Nivea visage”, and since 2001 “Nivea baby”, a brand entirely dedicate to the babies. The last innovation of Nivea is the creation of “Nivea vital” for a mature market, from 50 years. The market of senior’s cosmetic considerably increased these last 10years, because of the need of staying young at every price.
Natural forces:
The good brand image of Nivea can be tarnished by the fact that several pressures groups accuse Nivea of doing test on animals. The brand maintains that the group do not use animal to test finished product, as the law forbid. But they don’t justify about the fact to test not-finished product on rat or other...
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